Color Options for Painting a Garage Door

ja seekins house paintingThe garage door is just as much a part of the exterior as the walls. It deserves a paint job along with the rest of the exterior if you’re having the home renovated. You have a choice here: should you use the same color to match the walls, or should you opt for a different shade or even a different color altogether? Ultimately, it comes down to whether you want the garage door and certain architectural elements around it to stand out. In any case, leave painting a garage door to an exterior painter for best results.

Seamless vs. Contrasting Colors for Your Garage Door

Some homeowners want the same color for the garage door and the walls to get a seamless look. This can have the benefit of making the home appear larger. If you go this route, it’s recommended that you give the trim a different color, preferably the same hue as the trim around the whole home.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have the garage door as a focal point, choose a contrasting color. Go bold or at least a few shades above or below the color of the walls. A creamy white against dark gray walls, for instance, would work well. A different color also helps highlight certain features of the garage door, such as the windows or design. If the garage door is located in the front of the home, consider giving it a matching the front door color.

Leave the Garage Door Painting to Us

Let JA Seekins Painting paint your garage and home exterior as well as any interior painting you may be planning. We provide tips on color selection based on the specific look you’re aiming for. Painting a garage door can be quite complex to get just right, especially if it has recessed areas and/or windows; leave it to the pros at JA Seekins House Painting in Bothell.

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