Tips for Painting Your Hardwood Floor

ja-seekins-3When it comes to interior painting, areas like the walls and ceiling are usually the first areas of consideration. What about the floor? Few homeowners realize that painting the floor is even a thing. It really comes down to the type of flooring you have. You can paint a hardwood floor to give the surface new life without the expenses of refinishing=. Like most interior painting projects, this is best left to a professional.

Why Paint Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors can begin cracking and take on a rickety appearance after several years. Painting the floors can conceal the flaws and give it a clean, sleek look. Of course, there’s always the possibility of having the floors refinished. As mentioned, though, this doesn’t come cheap. Refinished wood floors will also end up looking old and beat up again within a few short years.

How to Start Painting your Hardwood Floor

Always test the paint first using a leftover slat or on a small section in an inconspicuous area. If the floor has an existing finish, such as varnish, shellac, or lacquer, have it removed. Certain finishes can cause a reaction with the paint, causing it to bubble or wrinkle.

Hardwood Floor Paint Choice

Whatever color you opt with, it’s recommended that you go with oil-based enamel or porch paint. These hold up the best to heavy foot traffic and are less prone to scuffing.

Don’t Forget the Pre-Painting Prep Work

Also keep in mind that hardwood floors require a lot of pre-painting preparation. For one, they have to be sanded using 120-150 grit paper. The wood also has to be tested for moisture levels and porosity. This is why it’s recommended that the work be left to a home painting professional.

Let Us Paint Your Hardwood Floor

Contact JA Seekins Painting to have your floor restored with a fresh coat of paint. Our interior and exterior painting services go beyond painting the walls and ceiling. We also offer tips for achieving the best and long-lasting results. Let us paint your hardwood floor so that it takes on a fresh and clean appearance without the scuffs and scratches.
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