What to Do with Leftover Paint in Bothell

jaseekins-3-2016After an extensive interior or exterior paint job, you’re likely to have some leftover paint. Sure, you can store the leftovers in the garage or basement. However, why not have some fun with it? Here are some creative ways you can use that remaining can or two of paint.

Uses for Leftover Paint

1. Colorize Those Flowerpots – Colorize those clay pots or tin cans for your flowers. Paint them a uniform color or use a rainbow of hues to give the garden more color.

2. Decorate that Antique Furniture – Do you have an old dresser or coffee table sitting in the attic? Spruce it up with paint to cover those scratches and scuffs and give your old furniture new life.

3. Renovate Built-In Furniture – Do you have built-in furniture like cabinets, a bookshelf, or a mantelpiece? Add some contrast with your leftover paint. This is beneficial if the wall that these furniture pieces lie against is the designated accent wall.

4. Paint your Picture Frames – If you have framed art, paint the frames. After all, they’re just as much a part of the décor as the photo or the art inside the frame.

5. Create Beautiful Artwork – If you have kids, arrange for an afternoon art session. Arm your little ones with a paint brush and canvas and let their imaginations do the rest.

6. Donate It – Yes, it is possible to donate paint. Check with your local municipality to see if there are any centers that will accept the unused paint. Similarly, some hardware stores also provide recycle centers for responsibly disposing of your leftover paint.

Let Us Paint Your Home or Business

Let JA Seekins Painting renovate those worn and peeling walls. After we complete the job, feel free to have fun with the unused paint. There are all sorts of creative projects to try, and we can also provide additional tips on what to do with the leftover paint in Snohomish County.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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