What to Do About Surfactant Leaching on Your Walls

ja-seekins-5You may not be familiar with the term surfactant leaching, but you’ve likely seen it on your walls. They definitely blemish what would otherwise be a beautiful wall surface. Learn what surfactant leaching is and how to prevent it or minimize the appearance should it occur.

Surfactant Leaching Explained

Surfactant leaching appears on painted walls as brownish, sticky residue. The texture may also be oily, soapy, or glossy. Rather than try to explain it further, click here for a photo of what it generally looks like.

What Causes Surfactant Leaching?

Surfactant is an ingredient found in latex paints. The substance helps the paint adhere to the surface it’s applied on. When fresh paint is exposed to moisture, the surfactant separates from the paint and travels to the coating’s surface.

Surfactant leaching, for the most part, is harmless and does not cause permanent damage to the paint. The residue, in fact, can be wiped away with a damp cloth. If left alone and allowed to dry, however, then you have a problem, and repainting may be required.

How to Prevent It

It’s important that freshly applied paint has ample time to dry and is not exposed to excess humidity. This is why timing is important especially when it comes to exterior painting. Outdoor paint is susceptible to morning and evening dew.

Precautionary steps must also be taken when it comes to interior painting. This is especially the case with areas of high humidity like the bathroom and kitchen. It’s recommended that the water not be used in these areas for at least 24 hours after the paint has been applied.

Avoid Surfactant Leaching by Hiring a Professional

Call JA Seekins Painting today for a consultation or for helpful tips. Our crew can paint the interior or exterior of your home while taking the needed steps to prevent surfactant leaching.

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